First Run


I got a temporary license yesterday and had the 2 1/2" duel exhausts
built with cut outs just after the headers. Open headers are six
wing nuts away when its race day. I took the dart out for a 45 minute
rip and wow! as long as you don't open it right up off the line
its goes like hell otherwise you buy shares in M/T tires. Hitting second gear at 6500 Rpm is dodgy as she wants to jump into the next lane. Its got a nice lumpy idle and a deep throaty sound. When I opened it up my wife heard it
about half a mile away. The only bad part of the day was the oil leak I
found under the front of the new RPM air gap intake! Not enough
silicone! Oh well, I guess I'll reseal the intake again. A buddy of mine suggested this product called the right stuff but it sounds too permanent and I think I'll just pull the intake. I had a blast though and my jaw is soar from the perm smile I had. Its still in primer and looks nothing like it performs as some but head in a supra learned. I didn't really race him just gave him a rude awakening when he tried to blow by me. I guess the younger generation looks for garbage can size exhaust tips and not chrome 340 callouts on the hood. He had puzzled look while he tried to figure out how that old boats tail lights faded to black so fast.

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