First Car Wtb-’60-62 Lancer/valiant 2-dr.

:-D My youngest son has decided he wants a '60-'62 Lancer,or Valiant 2-dr for his first car. I want him to have a mopar for his first car,,,I know, you either love 'em or hate 'em, (the '60-'62's that is) he loves 'em though.
So we're looking for a fairly "nice/done", running , driving car. All yeah, has to be a "automatic" car. He just turned 17, and loves mopars. (Don't know where he got that from - he, he). I told him if anyone would know of one or have one for sale, the members of FABO would. Can anyone help him out ?? It will go to a very good mopar home. Thanks in advance.
Author: admin