First break down(s)

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Beautiful day yesterday in VA, sunny and almost 60. I decided to take the Swinger to work and show her off for a bit. Took a little to start up and it died after it had been running for a few minutes. Blamed it on the cold and started it back up and headed to work. Drive in went great, 60 mph all the way and green lights. Right as I got into all of the traffic trying to get on base it died again. Not good timing. I cranked on it for about a minute before it started and made my way to work without any further trouble. When I left work it had warmed up significantly and the Dart started up the first try. I got about 5 miles down the road to the biggest intersection in town, stopped at a light and it died again. Put on the hazards on and started cranking as the four lanes of traffic started working their way around me. Luckily I was right next to a Nissan dealer. I hopped out and started pushing and somehow managed to jump back in and hit the brakes before I banged up any of the new cars. A guy came out to help me get it in the parking lot. After looking it over (it started right up first try) he suggested I replace the fuel filter and pump.

Is there any trick to replacing them other than making sure all the gas doesn't run out? It looks like a fairly simple process but I figured I'd ask to be safe. Thanks!
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