Finally made it!!

After over 30 years of building cars and never taking the time or having the money to do it right, I have finally reached a goal. I was picked to be a part of the Mopar Muscle Magazine True Street Challenge at M.A.T.S.
5 years of planning, building, finding the right help (paint and body and fabricator) a ton of patience and following true to what I wanted, paid off.
We spent last year doing the show car tour around Ca. and won a few awards. This year we set off to do M.A.T.S. as one of last shows before going into race mode for this year. We entered in the race portion, the show portion , and then applied for the Challenge and got picked. We were ecstatic.
The September issue is out and the Dart is in the Challenge feature. Though we didn't win it, Rocky and his '67 Dart surely deserved it. And another A body placed 2nd!! It was a great time and experience that I will never forget. Most of all I will remember that I did most of the work myself and built what I wanted. I'm a very happy camper right now!!:cheers:
For those of you running out of patience, DON'T !!!!
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