FABO eBay Feed SCORE!!!!!!!

There was a thread the other day commenting on how the powers that be were using ebay ads to help keep up the website and there were views on both sides of the subject.

This morning I woke up early (damned daylight savings) and I noticed this FABO eBay post...


I did some research and emailed the guy a couple of times and figured out that this was the EXACT kit I needed to convert my small bolt pattern drums to four wheel discs.

It is a brand new kit that was only opened to take pictures. It comes with spindles, rotors, calipers and pads already mounted. Upper control arms with new bushings and ball joints. Master cyl and proportioning valve and some lines and hoses. It comes with all the necessary brackets, calipers, pads, emergency brake cables for the rear discs. Did I mention that it has the upgraded slotted and drilled rotors on all four corners!! Basically everything I need to convert over except the labor and brake fluid! I already have the new axles waiting in the garage.

Master Power wanted over $2200 for everything included in the kit. I paid $1203 shipped!!!

So to whomever was responsible for posting that ad this morning, come to K.C. and a steak dinner and a case of beer is waiting for you!! This site is the best!!!
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