evil 73 duster 340

1973 duster 340 ,my dad bought this car it had no motor or trans,ign/key cyl was missing, from colomn.no wire damage by mice or anything,car had been sitting since 78' something.ready to run the car and it wont start or anything.when you put the positive on battery it burns the fuseable link.when he first got the car #3&#6fuse were blown,signs of heat at a headlamp switch terminal ,no damage or crossconection. evrything is new under the hood,engine light harness,ballast ,start relay, voltage regultor,alt,.evrything! i have a running 73 340 dart swinger to verify these connections under the hood.we had headlights,turnsigs, brakes now nothing.the red wire from the amp meter is grounding,causing the link to blow. this is the problem,or the thing i have found.unplugging the back wiring harness makes no difference,still blows fuseable link.the problem has to be under the dash,its not under the hood and its not out back!tryed unplugging things under dash , radio , heater , map light was stuck on at one point but diconnected now ,this thing has stumped many qualified car people please help!:angry7: hoping to go race it this year!any help greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!
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