engine dies when fans turned on

hi fellas, ive just today gotten my 383 back to life after 5 years on the stand.
still need to tune it , reroute wires etc. ive put 2 10" electric fans on the back side of the radiator to pull the air thru. they are supposed to only pull around 12 amps ea. well they must pull alot more or my alternator isnt putting anything out.

the factory amp gauge isnt working. as soon as i put the fans on by manual switch the engine dies right out. i have an msd 6 wired into the battery and a switch inside. the ignition system completely bypasses the factory ignition except for the starter relay and wiring. im not using the ballst resistor or wiring either. at my alternator i have the big wire hooked up on iuts lug and the 2 field wires going to the volt. regulator. does this sound right?

anyone else ever seen anything like this?
Author: admin