ENERGY Suspension Bushing Install.

I just Pulled off the K-Member and 8-3/4 out from under my car (67 Dart GT) and am trying like hell to rip/torch/hammer/yank/press out the old Metal infused rubber bushings...

The struggle has come down to the Front of the Leaf (Non-Shackle) The Sleeve that Lived around the Bushing is still in there

And for the front... My new upper Ball joints shipped yesterday and we cannot get them apart with my pickle fork/pullers. And the upper control arm shims are being a Nightmare as well.

We will figure it out.. But just would love some sympathy or tips. HAS ANYONE DONE THIS BEFORE?! What Magic tools do I not Know I need? At an impass for now. Stuck wire wheeling for now, ok plenty to do!!
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