Emily’s ’72 Scamp

Hi all, I'm at it again (yes I know Tara's Dart isn't finished yet), as some of you know I am in school for paint/body so for the summer quarter we were encouraged to bring in our own project. I thought what a perfect time to bring the scamp in and make it drivable for my sisters senor year in high school. The car isn't perfect but it will be a daily driver for her so I imagine it will get damaged soon enough. This is the first car I painted and looks like it will be the second car as well. I got way too much dirt on the dutchman panel and ran it in a few places, the body work turned out great in my opinion and all the hard work paid of. I am going to reassemble, sand and repaint next quarter. Enjoy some pics, we are swapping in a 4spd slant and changing to a spool mount with disk breaks. The interior will become black.

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