Edelbrock Pro Flow 2 EFI system for Dodge 360

My room mate used to work at a speed shop and recomended this as the BADDEST manifold set up made. Is this true?
Shoot for the money it better be bad ass.

Has any one used this? Just how tuneable is it? Is detuneable enough to drive to the strip and retune? I've been looking at carbs and manifolds and this thing looks plenty bad.

I also noticed the "Green Brick" is running a similar set up so it cant be that bad? ( I would like to build my car in a similar road race/ Drag fashion)

As far as induction goes would I do better to dump the 3,500.00 on some other type of set up? ( supercharger, Nitrous is out and turbos seem complex and expensive.)

This is a very large chunk of change for me so before I go do something stupid please chime in.

I'm not looking to buy the unit right away, but I do have some cash set aside from selling my truck. I was thinking why not go and buy something expensive and just get it out of the way. VS nickel and dimming the money away.

Thanks for looking and you're thoughts.
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