Edelbrock 1411 performer 750 carb

Edelbrock 1411. Edelbrock Performer 750 cfm carburetor with electric choke. The Edelbrock Performer 750 cfm carburetor is A great matchup for Edelbrock's Performer intake manifold. A light weight aluminum carburetor with ball burnished shiny, chrome like, finish. Bolts directly to square bore manifolds or spreadbore intakes with dual bolt patterns. Easy to use electric choke. Durable two piece design makes it easy to change jets or adjust the floats. Replace and tune the needles, springs, jets or floats without draining fuel. Complete tuning can be done without removing the carburetor from the intake manifold. A wide choice of jets, springs, and needles are available to allow you to zero in on the optimum calibration for your engine. Timed and constant vacuum ports are provided in the front with a 1/4" pipe threaded vacuum port in the rear of the carb. The mechanical secondary air velocity valve sense air flow according to demand and automatically regulates a smooth transistion from part throttle to wide open throttle.

This is a Great carb if you have the cam and heads to fit it, I would like to sell or even trade this carb for parts. this carb DOES NOT need rebuilt and looks brand new, how ever I can not guarentee seal quality after the fuel is dried up during shipping. I can rebuild the carb my self for you or I will supply a rebuild kit for you if you do not feel safe with having someone else rebuild your carb. I am looking for MSD ignition parts, another spread bore 600CFM carb, body parts, bucket seats, just let me know what you have to trade and I will see if I need it. if you wish to buy the carb out right I'll sell it for $225OBO??+shipping.

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