Ebay puzzle.

What happened? I have no experience selling on ebay.
I figure maybe the seller bought the item. They can end an auction early right?
The item got to the last hour. I was the high bidder. It ended before the time posted and the winner outbid me by two dollars. The seller didn’t have a “buy it now” on there but he said in the item description he would take 400 dollars (including shipping) for the item even though it was a “no reserve” auction. In other words, the seller wanted to get 400 dollar for the item, including shipping. And it went for 102 dollar plus 150 shipping and the auction ended before the time it said. The person that got the item only had three wins on their history. They seller has over 200 items he has sold with all positive feedback.
Any other scenarios?

P.S. I had asked the seller how I could "buy it now" for 400 and they told me to send money to a paypal account outside of ebay (just an email address) since ebay would not let them change it to a buy it now auction. That's not a good idea, right?
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