Early a kickdown set up ?

I installed a bouchillon kickdown in my 66 when i changed it from 2 bbl to 4bbl. I had some issues fitting it to the trans, (the clearance on my car is really tight around the trans) and I am not confident about it working correctly over the long haul. The cable is routing is bad and the end clamp is very tight inside the trans/floor pan area. It works fine for now. The oe set up has no issues fitting around the trans of course. Ideally I'd like to get the "right" oem set up installed again. I'm using the oe 4 bbl intake for the engine as well.

I need some help from another early A maniac. I want to duplicate the oem 4 bbl throttle linkage and kickdown for a 66 273, which I believe is unique to the 66 and older a bodies. I dont think this will be all that hard to do - some fabbing and welding mainly. But it's difficult without the correct measurements and accurate pictures.

I have a complete/correct 2 bbl set up and from I can tell there are three items I need to change.

What I need are three pieces of information:

1) the accurate shape and configuration of the carb arm on the cyl head z bar.

2) the accurate length of the carb link. ( I believe this is the same).

3) the top, front, and side profile of the carb throttle cable hold down.

Help is greatly appreciated.
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