Duster seats $200 a pair

Folks I really would like to sell these seats since we have decided to go with some Procar seats to save some weight. I really can't ship them so they must be picked up in Orlando however if you are willing to wait a little I can deliver them to you if you are willing to meet me right off the Fl Turnpike since I travel up and down it fairly often

Anyway, It is my understanding that both sets of seats came out of 1975 cars. I have been told one set is from a Dart Sport and one set is from a Valiant Brougham. The set with a seat that I detrimmed and track that I media blasted is the Dart Sport set. Both appear to be in good condition. The foam and frames are very good and the seat tracks seem to be in good shape although the Sport ones seem a little loose. I have attached some pretty good photos so I hope that helps. I have over $400 in the seats so I really do not want to negotiate. I think $200 a pair is a good deal. Heck the foam goes for almost $200 alone.

Author: admin