Duster front wheel options, what size are you running?

Hey guys with Dusters, what size wheels and with what backspacing work good on the front? I've serched and found lots of info or rear but not fronts. I have a 72 Duster all drums that I'm converting to 73 disk brakes with big bolt patern and need to know what some wheel and tire options are.

The rims I'm looking at are available in 15x7 with a 4" backspace and 15x5 with a 3.5" backspace. Will the 15x7's fit? What are you guys running as far as wheels and tires? I plan on a 28" tall rear tire so I'm thinking a 25-26" tall front would be good, and the wider the better for better handling.

I bought the car with 17x8 torq thrust 2's on the rear, I might try those up front and get wider 17's for the rear(springs moved and soon minitubbed), but I think I'm leaning towards 15x10's in the rear and 15x7's front(if they fit). I'm thinking either Weld prostars or the Summit look a likes, or the newer Greg Weld Dragstars. Anyone have any of these, got pictures? Thanks


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