Duster Dash Mystery- Name that missing item.

When I purchased my Duster a month ago it had a very odd hole in the dash to the right of the radio.

The oddest part is that it looks like it was punched in at the factory. It is perfect with no file marks with a slight inward lip with four screw marks at each corner.

Has another seen anything like this before? The car did have dealer installed cruise control, I'm assuming that there was something else dealer installed there at one time but for the life of me can't imagine how the hole was done in such a neat manner.

It has been suggested an old school LCD/LED clock could have been there as they were options back in the 70's at one point but I have not been able to find any examples of such items.

Plans are to weld up the holes and refinish the dash unless I can find out what went there.


P.S. the mark to the right side of the hole is just a piece of tape.

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