Doug Thorley /6 Headers on eBay

If anybody is looking for a higher quality set of headers than the stuff that is available today then you owe it to yourself to check these out! I wish they had been on eBay a month earlier, before I bought my Hooker Super Comps & took them to Jet-Hot to be coated @^&#!!!

Hooker Headers claim to be "The World's Best Headers" but I totally disagree. The only thing great about Hooker Headers is they make stuff no one else does, like tuned long tube headers for a Slant 6. The flange on my front section came from Hooker a total of .137 thousandths from being flat. The flange, which measures .312 thick, which is decent but I've owned thicker was not warped, the welds were ground poorly leaving a large gap. When I complained to Hooker's Tech Department they told me to just crank them down and they would seal! He also told me the tolerance was .120 thousandths! That is insane! When I explained to him they were out even more than that and that the torque spec was 11 pd. ft. so there was no way I was going to bend that .312 thick flange enough to seal he quit responding to my emails.

So I was forced to built up the flange mating surfaces with weld and ground them flat and sent them to be coated. I guess I could have sent them back but when they admit the tolerance is .120 what's the point? I doubt the next set would have been any better... Anyhow, I promised the Hooker Tech guy (Darrell W. Cook) that I would tell everyone I had the chance to, how sorry their headers were and how sorry their tech support was and I don't wanna be a liar! LOL! The Doug Thorley headers have never been ran but have been tested and fit A body cars, here is a link. 2759.l1259
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