Don’t want to but have no choice.

I was hoping I didn't have to, but with my hours cut at work I have no choice. So I am putting my 1975 Dart Sport up for sale, this is really going to hurt, but not as much as it will hurt my 9 year old son. The car is a 360 4-speed with 8 3/4 rear. The 360 is about a 9.5 to 1 compression motor runs great on pump gas. Has 587 heads with 2.02 1.60 valves. Its running a mopar 292-509 cam with a 108 centerline. Everything like the compression ratio and valve size is what I was told when I bought it. I have never had the motor apart other than taking the intake off. The motor has very few miles on it and about 20-25 1/8th mile passes at the track. It carries 50-60 pounds of oil pressure. It has a MSD full billet distributor, Weiand Stealth intake, and new 750 Holley carb. Also has a CSR electric waterpump. The carb, distributor, and waterpump were almost 1000.00. The tranny is a 833 with a hurst competition plus shifter. The rear is an 8 3/4 with Strange Full Spool and Richmond 4.88 gear. It has also been narrowed. The body is really nice but it isn't perfect, it does have a couple of scratches, The car was painted in 1996, but is still pretty nice. It gets lots of complements and has placed at several car shows. The wheels are Weld Prostars, and the rear tires are Mickey Thompson ET Streets 30-13.50-15. The video it doesn't show a passanger seat but it does have it in there now, I had it out to mount the MSD 6al box under the dash along with the coil. It also is running a Denso 1 wire alternator. I had the car at the track 3 different times last year and 2 out of 3 times brought home 1st place. Even though its a 4-speed if you can shift its pretty consistent. I really don't want to sell. I am open to partial trades so I'll have something to mess with. I would take a partial trade on project cars, trucks newer or older, Quads, or bikes. Just let me know what you have in mind, you never know i'm interested in alot of stuff. I'm asking 9500.00 it is worth more. I will take trades worth up to 5000.00. But I need the rest in cash to pay off some bills that I can no longer afford with my hours cut at work. If you have any questions at all PM me or call me at 785-359-6538. This is the first place i'm offering it, but if no interest within a week i will offer it other places. Thanks Rick
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