Donor 318 car for $500 or 383 4-Speed for $1000.00??

O.k. I'm new here so please forgive me for talking stupid.

Now I just bought a 73 Duster thats in pretty good shape for $1000.00.
It has a Slant 6, and runs well. BUT! I really would like to get a V-8!
I found a donor car for $500.00, it has a 318 with some "goodies", but he said it smokes slightly every so often, not all the time. So then the same day, some guy offers me a 383 with a 4-speed everything incuded for $1000.00!
what should I do? I wanted to stay cheap for now because I went back to school. I was going to offer the guy with the 318 $300.00 because he said he was just going to junk it. It's a rotted away 4-door Valiant. I could use the K-member, and Rally Wheels. It seems like the way to go. But a 383 4-Speed is damn tempting! You guys are the experts! I need your valued opinion! help! Thank You!

Here is the add for the Valiant...

"1975 Plymouth Valient, 318 4bbl, 904 trans, runs good but has bad framerails. The motor has swirl port heads, MOPAR cam, Edelbrock carb & intake, new timing chain and water pump. The trans was rebuilt with a B&M shift kit. 14x6 big bolt ralley Wheels, front disk brakes. The spindles will let you put disks on any B or E body. Unfortunately its not worth restoring. Many other good parts $500"


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