dmgedgoods 74 Scamp

Bought a 74 Scamp, 318/904. Some work already done on the 318. Trying to get this thing road legal in Texas. So far, I have been working on the front end (starts getting crazy past 40 mph), and have installed a B&M floor shifter. Trying to decide which direction to go in now. The interior is already stripped out and needs some serious work. I have 2 late model Camaro buckets in there now...:angry7:

Electrical will need some serious work too. The lights work, but turn signals, backups, etc are non-existent. Plan on minimizing the electrical as much as possible. It's already a rats nest, and looks to be a challenge as it is.

Body is straight. Door hinges need some love. The doors sag pretty bad. Plan on tapping and drilling for the bushings and pins to work proper. This was the original color, but that will change at some point. The glass is in great condition, surprisingly.

I suppose the biggest things right now are getting it cleaned up, and in good running order. The latter is proving to be a bit difficult. The last time this car was used extensively was in a burnout contest almost a year ago. Kickdown linkage is shot. My wife expected me to get a car i could take to work....I'll be able to take this car to work in a few months :-D.

I am looking for ideas and knowledge. This is my first mopar...I was Chevy guy my whole life, until I saw this car and had to have it. I am in the El Paso area, strictly living here due to work. If you have pointers on parts, wrecking yards, ideas, etc....please let me know. I will keep everyone posted on progress and problems.

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