DIY quarter skins

I've surfed many Mopar sites on the web over the years, but have never really found any detailed information regarding hanging quarter skins. I have a basic understanding of what I need to do, but I'm still hesitant to do it myself because I'm not sure what i might run into. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that feel the same.

So, all you body guys and DIY's, this is what I'm looking for - and I think what many others are as well:

-what are the common problems associated with hanging aftermarket skins on a Mopar?

-what is the order of steps when you need to replace trunk extensions and outer wheel houses? What do you cut out first, and in what order is it replaced?

-Do you cut in the middle of the quarter, or do you cut along abody line? If along a body line, do you risk having a not-so-straight body line after the welding is done?

-Does the difference in gauge of metal present any major problems when useing aftermarket skins?

-When drilling out spot welds, is there a preferred size/brand bit you find works best? Do you use weld-through primer between any sandwiched metal and welded areas?

Basically, I'm looking to start a thread that addresses any issue one might encounter, and PHOTOS would go a long way in helping us rookies understand what/where/why/ and when to do something.

Let's make this a long, detailed, step by step thread:read2: It would be awesome if some of you guys walked us through your own experience detailing the prep, cutting, problems, and finish work.
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