disc brake conversion questions….

Hi, I have a '67 cuda that I am in the middle of converting to the '73 and later disc brakes...and I have a couple of questions. First off I have a '67 plymouth service manual and I have read it untill my eye balls get screwy. Also, if any of this stuff is in that manual would you be kind enough to let me know which page...

1) what is the foot pound torque spec for the lower two spindle bolts? These are the two larger bolts that go into the bottom of the spindle and into the steering arm.

2) what is the foot pound spec for the caliper bracket to the spindle?? These are the two bolts that screw into the back of the spindle and act as a guide for the disc brake shield.

3) When looking at the '67 manual it refers to to 3 types of disc brakes?? Since I am going with '73 and later I am going to assume that information is not in that book. I have what appears a single piston caliper, what style of brake is that?? Bendix??
3A) Where can I find a copy of torque specs for the '73 and later equipment that I am installing??

Torsion bars: Which way to they go in??
4) Bar 1 has an L stamped in it and bar 2 has a R stamped in it.

Does, bar 1 "Driver side" with the L stamp face the rear of the car and like wise bar 2 "Passenger side" with the R stamp face the rear of the car when installed?

Thanks Again I do Really Appreciate your Help!!!!!
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