Disappointing fun

I've had my Dart for 2 years now. Put a mild 340 it and recently put a 8 '1/4 3:23 suregrip in it. A local engine builder had a dyno run Friday nite so I figured WTF, for $50 I'll see what ole Betsy has. H;mmph! With 3 consistent pulls I had 214 hp and 242# torque at 5300 rpm. I told the owner how disappointed I was; that I was expecting 300+ based on what I had read and heard. Bummer.

Well today was in the 70's and Budds Creek was open for T&T so I figured ok, let's go race it. First time in 45 years that I actually raced at a track. Bummer, no reaction time - best was .190 and worst was .976. I was waiting too long to launch. Waiting for the green light not the amber. First run, 32# air in my 235/14 tires and I spun tires every which way. 15.366 @ 96.53mph. Second run I floated the valves. Third run was .190 r/t, 14.774 @ 95.02 mph.

It was fun but I guess if I want to break into the 13's I need some 15" wheels and decent rubber. I know from the seat of my pants the car has great power..... just a lousy driver at the wheel and no good hook. I guess I don't care too much about r/t, just how long it takes too break the light and cross the finish line.
My hat is off to you younger, better equipped racers. Like I said, it was disappointing fun but I will give it a try again when I get some 15" rubber on it. Have to burn down the 14" rubber first!!
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