Dennis Beard

This information is for all you Moparts outcasts, those who migrated to FABO from Moparts and those who may have known this individual at one time.
Some of you may remember "Dennis4spfanatic", "Happiness is a Warm Pistol Grip" AKA Dennis Beard Of Wildcat auto wrecking. Well, he suffered a stroke New Years day. He has not been in the best shape over the years and since his wifes passing he's gone downhill health wise. It is certainly a major life setback, one that will be difficult for him to recover. He is currently being treated in a nursing home in Gresham, OR. I called Ed at Wildcat today but he wasn't in. I talked with one of his guys who said they visted Dennis several weeks ago and said he was in good spirits. So if you know Dennis past or prseent please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He's gonna need all he can get. I'll post his address when I get it.

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