Demon NO Go

Well.....where do I start.....:angry7:

Been trying to get the Demon running since Nov 08. Right now it is really living up to it's name "Demon"...LOL

Pulled the trans after finding the engine builder forgot the rear freeze plugs....Encountered and conquered an extremely unusual wiring problem with a new engine harness....Relocated the electric fuel pump 3 times....Brand new water pump is spraying coolant from the bleed hole onto the windshield.......Intake manifold sucking oil and blowing it out the right side exhaust pipe.......:error::error::error::error::error:

OK...enough, but still moving forward....:wav:

New issue and help or ideas please on this: 340-6pk, fresh everything.

Car will not idle unless the throttle plates are open approx 1/8 inch which is causing waaaaay too much fuel to be drawn thru the venturies. Can actually see the gas running down into the intake.

Carb has been removed, disassembled and checked again, but I'm lost at this point :help:

What am I overlooking ?????

Soooooo frustrating :read2:
Author: 6pk2goDemon