Dash dueling

I purchased a dash cap from Year One and it does not cover my dash entirely on the lower corners. I spoke to Year One about it and they said that they shipped the right one for my application which is a 67 Ply Cuda. The guy told me that the company that makes them is DashCaps.com and he looked on the website and found that I indeed have the right one which is #918.


There is a member on here that has 67 cuda and has a dash cap from Year One installed on his car and it covers the entire dash. I asked him what Year One part number he has on his receipt and it is the exact same number. What?

So I called DashCaps and talked to a guy that says he has been dealing with dash caps for over 25 yrs and that they DO NOT MAKE A CAP FOR A 67 BARRACUDA! What! And that I will have to have my dash restored like at JustDashes.

The 68 dashes have a upper and lower so I'm thinking they sent me the upper part.

Does anyone have a clue on what is going on here?

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