Dash Conversion FINISHED

Jeepers Creepers...........Feels like it's been months.........I guess it only took 2 weeks of tinkerin' or thereabouts.......

I converted the steering column, as some may remember, to smooth bells (getting rid of the column shift garbage), and installed a custom fabricated Hurst Floor Shift for the 727.

The dash was completely stripped and reconditioned, including the cluster-ashtray-glove box-bezels-air vents, etc...etc..., and a new custom console with an FM-Cassette and auxiliary gauges. The A/C vents were refaced with one-piece chrome overlay's....really sharp.....All the woodgrain is actual Cherrywood, NOT vinyl....Real wood.....all the wood matches, including custom Cherrywood Pistol grips. Small parts were glass bead blasted and refinished, and all new stainless hardware replaces the old stuff.

All that's left is to pop on the wheel, and put the Cherrywood on the door panels, and the interior is finished. Can't wait to CRUISE Baby! (by the way, our cruisin' season is just about to begin! 8).....no nasty e-mails please)

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