Dart IRS

Would a 4 wheel independent suspension system help handling in a Dart?
I think so. So I bought a 300-c that got t-boned. Now I want to put the entire drive train in a 1970 Dart. I've done b-body restorations back in the 80's but that stuff was all stock.
I want to build a "Q ship".
It's an old WW-II term for a stock appearing tramp steamer that looks inconspicuous. They had 8" deck guns hidden under false super structures and more speed than a fast destroyer.It would sail up to unsuspecting merchant ships and blow them out of the water before they new what was happening.Enough of the history. You get the drift.
I want a stock appearing Dart with quiet smooth V-8 power, great handling and braking, and comfortable ride. A/C, cruise, you know comfort stuff.
Don't say " buy a new Charger". I want a Dart and that's that! Besides the 300-C was only $2300+ so I could always part it out. I have seen the AlterKtion front setup which I like, but nothing about the rear suspension. Does anyone have any experience with, or concepts for this idea?
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