Dad’s 69 ‘Cuda Fastback…Where in the world is it?

Ok Guys. Here's a question/challenge for all of you. I'm trying to find a specific car. Here's the story.

In the mid 80's, my father acquired a 69 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback shell that needed lots of junkyard pieces to make whole again. I was just a little one back then, but remember the body of the car being 4 different colors as he was restoring it. He was trying to stick to a tight budget and just wanted to have fun with the car - so no numbers matched. He built an oddball 440 engine for it...and it ended up being a really nice car (however, extremely un-authentic). It was painted metallic maroon, had a center hoodscoop and a black interior. I spent a lot of time sitting on the workbench and playing with whatever parts were close at hand as he was building it, which ended up turning me into a pretty good car enthusiast (for a girl!)

To make a long story even longer.....he sold the car around '89 because he was having a hard time handling it (he has Multiple Sclerosis and his condition was slowly deteriorating). Around that same time, my oldest brother turned 15 and dad didn't want any of us killing ourselves in a car that was way to powerful to have around us teenagers. Of course, he didn't keep any records of who he sold it to or even the VIN number of the car (damn!) and his memory hasn't filled the gaps.

I would very much like to find this car and hopefully acquire it to my ever shrinking garage (that would be my boyfriend's fault - the current project is a '65 Cobra replica kit by Hurricane - but that's a WHOLE NUTHER story).

Seeing the look on dad's face if he were to lay eyes on it again: Priceless.

If anyone has any information, please let me know!

Kerianne Sidoti
Cleveland, Ohio
Author: admin