Critique this 318 engine combo….

Hey All:

I've got a lot of parts laying around for a 360 swap, but for some reason I keep thinking of using the stock 318, just to see what it would do.

Here's the combo:

stock untouched 318 1971 shortblock with 33,000 miles

Edelbrock Magnum aluminum heads
(assuming pistons are .080 in the hole, Compression Ratio would be 9.14:1)

Voodoo 268 hydraulic camshaft

Edelbrock Magnum Air gap intake

TTI headers / exhaust

650 double pumper

Either a windage tray or a good oil pan

4.11 gear

Obviously, all this assumes that the engine will pass a leakdown and compression test. Runs pretty good though.

Anyone think this might run decent, or would it probably just come flying apart?

Any guesses on horsepower?

Any thoughts appreciated!

Author: admin