Crimper for factory terminals

I'm hoping someone has some experience with this, I'm looking for the correct crimper for the factory style open barrel wiring connectors, or one that will make a decent crimp. From what I've been able to find on the web, they are called Packard 56 terminals. They have 2 set of tabs, one that crimps the wire, and another set that crimps the insulation. I've looked and all of the crimpers that say they are specifically for this type of connector, cost about a hundred dollars and up. There are crimpers, with interchangeable dies that cost less, that say they are for open barrel terminals, but I don't want to spend the money and find out they won't produce they correct crimp. Has anyone had success with the cheaper crimping tools, or will I have to drop some more change for the top shelf ones? If so, do you have a link for the one you used or one like it?
Author: admin