Crash Repair Parts Needed

Well....due to an unfortunate accident I am in need of repair parts for my '72 Swinger. My goal is to find these parts before Christmas, as I'm out of college for about a month then(Only time I will have to repair it). I am currently looking for:
~ Rear Bumper (70-72 fine)
~ Rear Valence Panel
~ Drivers rear quarter extension
And a wild shot in the dark: a drivers rear quarter panel.

Also looking for a SB engine & tranny....

My location is Trenton, TN. (Western portion). If someone has most or all of these parts....I could possibly make a road trip. :cheers:

Help or leads on any of these parts would be greatly appreciated! I've checked on E-bay.....but I would rather "keep it in the community" if I could.
Author: admin