Crank issues

Got a dilemma on my hands guys and I want to know if you can point me in the right direction.

I bought what was supposed to be a brand new Mopar performance crank from Mancini racing out of New York, I just had the shop clean all the cosmoline off and I picked up the crank yesterday. I went to start plastiquaging the journals and found a nick in the 1'st main, then another in the last main and multiple spots of whats said to be from corrosion on the other journals-this coming from the guy that runs the shop I have had all my work done at. I took the crank back today and asked him if they could polish the nicks and spots out but he said he's not sure then said that as long as he polished out any sharp edges from the nicks and spots that the crank would be fine.

I have always been taught that if there's a nick in your crank then it needs to be polished or turned, same with my dad, he said that who's to guarantee that those nicks wont thrash the journals and bearings which I totally agree but also the shop owner makes a good point by saying the oil holes are the same concept, they are just ground and polished on the edges so that the holes don't trash the bearings which also makes sense. I don't know what to do should I just tell the guy screw it, have it turned .010 under and exchange my bearings, or have him polish out the sharp edges and call it good? remember there is no warranty as they can't promise anything.

What is best for my engine? I don't want to know what will get me by or what will make the engine run for now, I want to know the right way to do it but if polishing off the rough edges is just fine then I will stick with that.

Author: admin