Cooling Capers…

This car is making me nuttier than a Squirrel turd.

So I buy the too big aluminum radiator that I sent back.... :angry7:

Then I order a re-production from Year One, only to find out that I might not see it until AUGUST! And the factory shroud will NOT fit! :angry7:

Then I find out that Champion is going to release an aluminum unit in 22" for the A bodies.... in mid July.... :angry7:

So I figure I'll have mine patched and wait to see what/if it happens...... =;

Then I find a highly recommended radiator shop in, of all places, Port Washington (a VERY high-end neighborhood where they pay other people to pick up their dog's poop...) and the owner looks at my Radiator and sez: "This has already been cored. It's just a shitty job... I can re-do it and have it fixed" :-D

My Heart races; does this mean it's NOT going to cost $300+ to re-core? :drunken:

"Yup" is the answer I wanted, and got. =P~

I cancelled my $400 Year One order and should have mine back tomorrow, done for under a $100! And it's MY radiator, so.. everything fits. :cheers:

Provided all is well, I'll post location & phone number for us Long Island/ NYC guys. 8)
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