Convertible Top Weatherstripping & rear window

I've been looking on the net for the weatherstripping that installs on the soft top for my 69 Dart convert, and I don't see anyone listing it for the 67 thru 69 cars. The pieces I'm looking for run along the side of the top to seal the door glass to the top. It is available for the early Darts as I see it is listed on eBay and other places. Is this weatherstripping not reproduced, or am I simply not looking in the right place?
I recently bought this car and don't really have any knowledge on convert parts suppliers.

Second question is about the rear window. My car currently has the original soft top which is in real bad shape and must be replaced. It has a glass rear window that zippers open. Is this a stock set up? Reason I ask is because all the replacement tops I've seen list the plastic rear window. Is there a way to retain this glass window when I replace the soft top? Did the car come from the factory with a glass or plastic rear window?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Author: admin