Converter Time!!

Ok, it is time (money wise) to throw a new converter into my 904 in my Duster. I am running a bone stock unit behind a stock compressioned piston 318 with COmp XE268 cam and headers, 3.21 gearing in rear. It pulls hard in the upper rpms, but it a bit doggish on the low end up to 3K or so, then it takes off. Kind of what I expected with this cam using a stock TC. I am thinking that a TC in the area of 2000-2200 should give me better low end acceleration, along with better aceleration at speed, such as on the highway. Does this sound like a good stall speed range, or should I go higher to accomplish the goal? It has 26.5 inch tall tires on the back and cruises 2750 at 65 on the hwy. Thanks.
Author: admin