Coming up MASSIVE A Body parts blowout

:snakeman:Just got back from a this guys place helping him sort thru his Mopar stuff, he is relocating and has to liquidate his parts. Most of the stuff is Duster/Demon all A body inventory and he has a ship load! There was so much stuff it was hard to take it all in, dashes (many) grills, trim pieces seats etc just a full two car garage and attic and backyard full of the stuff! They are trying to catalogue and sort everything now so he can put his house on the market. I will post details when they are ready to welcome people to make offers on stuff. I'm sure most will go cheap or given away or if someone was wanted to buy the whole lot it would be well worth it. Again there were dozens of just about everything you could imagine, wiring harnesses, dashes, blower motor assemblys ac vents, driveshafts, control arms, radios, emblems, sail panels tons of stuff again mostly Duster /Demon 70 and up!
Author: admin