Cluster re-do (pics)

I was tired of working on the inner fenderwells of the duster so I decided to take a break. I had been needing to do this for a while now so here goes....
My cluster in my duster was looking kinda worn so I decided to clean it up. However the cluster in my 72 valli parts car was near mint for it age so I decided to clean it up & use it.

Here is what I started with. Its dated 6 of 69 & its lookin rough! Years of neglect & add on toggle switches have gave it that ragged out look.

Disasembly of the old cluster (for inspection purposes)

Disassembly of the donor cluster (for cleaning purposes)

Reassembly using the 72' donor frame (note the seat belt light), the donor speedo & the donor temp,fuel & alt gauges. Mileage will be off, but the car is already registered & I dont plan on selling it. I cleaned up the faces first with windex to remove any dust & grime, then gave them a good, but gentle polish with regular turtle wax.

I finished it off with a nos bezel I got from e-bay. This was the first part I bought for my duster, about a week after I brough it home. What do you guys think? I think they turned out super!! All it took was a little time & turtle wax! lol!! :cheers:

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