I have been looking for an A body for a bit now, and I am finding I am a bit more picky than I thought I would be...

What do you guys think about the cars that people dress up as clones? IE where they take a 318 car or 360 car and slap "340" or "twister" stickers on them even when they arent either.....

I found a 72 car that is stickered as a Twister....guy claims it is an original v8 car(318)...but it isn't a real twister....he added a scoop and go wing and the sticker....it does have a 318, from a 69, in it.

I kind of feel like that is a "wannabe"...the sticker bugs me...I guess I dont agree with false advertising...LOL...I feel like if it says "340" on the side, it should have a 340 in it.....their are a lot ofcars out there for sale like this....Whydo people do that?

I guess I am being too picky, eh?
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