Clearing out garage

I have some stuff that I won't be needing so up for sale it goes.

All of it is located in Torrance, CA 90504. And, unless you make arrangements for shipping(some folks have done this in the past) I will ship UPS ground. Also..I won't know what shipping is until I send it. But I don't gouge anybody for shipping. Everyone will get a UPS tracking number and a photo of the shipped package before its shipped. I take Paypal, checks, cash, Southern Comfort, Jessica Alba....

I'll try to describe everything the best I can, with price, and each item has a photo. The weights are close estimates. So I don't get confused who wants what, if any, post that you want it and then send the PM. Keeps things fair and negates the calls for the lynch mob.

So here we go.

Mopar Performance low profile air cleaner. Comes with the base and air filter. The chrome hold down bolt has a 1/4 round scuff on top..probably from the PO's hood scraping it. Other than the hold down bolt it should clean up nice. Figure 5lbs. $30 SOLD

Carter Thermoquad. Part# 9036S. This is a non-smog 850cfm from the 1975 Dodge Truck with a 440. It has never see fuel and still has the factory seal on it. I know I'll regret this one. weight 5lbs $50

Edelbrock 2176 performer 318-360 dual plane manifold. Its used and is painted Chrysler blue because I used it to mask the engine I was painting.
It could use a hot tank. Good intake for the budget 318 build. weight 20lbs $15 SOLD

Mopar M1 dual plane manifold P4532852 for the small block. Never used. weight 20lbs $100

Mancini Racing Single Belt Crank pulley. New. Still in box. Powder coated. MRE neglected to mention or state on their web page that this pulley only works with Mopar small blocks with the aluminum water pump; 1970-1991.
Of course you realize all this when you pull out the instruction sheet that comes in the box with the pulley. Too lazy to send it back. Mine's a '69 with the cast iron water pump. weight 1lb $50 new. Asking $40.

Pair of 340 valve covers. They came off of my 69 340. I think they can be used on the 318. They are painted Chrysler blue because I used them to mask the engine I was painting. They are in good shape and none of those flexable wire looms are broken off. weight 3lbs $25

1970 340 intake manifold P3462848-1 with a 11/25/69 date code. I hot tanked the intake and placed it in a plastic bag with a couple of those dry packs. Really nice and ready for hemi orange paint. a very heavy 50lbs $75

OK..I expect a battle royal on this item. 2 14x7 steel wheels SBP. 4-1/2 backspace. Yes..they will fit on a 67-69 Dart with P245-60-14 tires(see next item). This gives you about close 1/4 inch to the leaf springs and 1/2 inch to the fenders. Condition is a 6-7/10. They have a few scratches from the previous doof who must have used a chisel to remove the dog dish caps. But..slap a set of dog dishes on them and they look great(unless your dog dishes look like crap). If you have a 100pt show car then they would need a good blasting and powder coating. 30lbs ea $125 for both

Two BF Goodrich Radial T/As. P245-60-14. They might have 200 miles on them. Still has that blue crap on them. Getting harder to find and they are stupid expensive. 30lbs ea $120 for both.

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