Chinese intake port alignment

Well, doing some comparo between the Pro Products Chinese intake and the Edelbrock Magnum intake. I'm running Edelbrock Magnum aluminum heads.

Of course the Eddy intake comes with all the bypass and everything set up for late model stuff, which does me no good, so I thought I'd try the Chinese deal since it has bolt patterns for old-timey and Magnum.

I don't agree that this intake is a ripoff of the Edelbrock Air-Gap. Yes, it is an air gap style intake, but there are significant differences. The size of the runners on the Pro intake are noticeably smaller than the Edelbrock, for one thing.

Port alignment on the Pro leaves a lot to be desired, however.

I laid the Edelbrock intake gaskets on it(these gaskets are AWESOME for port fit, btw), torqued the intake down, and etched the visible gasket edges so I could be sure to get the intake re-oriented to the gasket as it was when I had it on the motor.

Like, I said, the ports on the gaskets lined up with the heads perfectly. Here's the results on the intake.

This is the passenger side, but driver's side is much the same.

Pretty sad really. The part that you can't see here is how poorly the divider between the ports lines up. Also not obvious is that a couple of the port openings are different sizes.

I could open it up with a grinder I suppose, but then the ports that are the most visibly misaligned would actually be bigger than the ones that line up semi-correctly.

I'd say anyone using this intake out-of-the-box is probably giving up some noticeable horsepower.

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