Chevy guy trying to setup a mopar. Uh oh!

Hello all, I hope that you all will not have to much fun at my expense but, I am a Big Block chevy guy and have been doing this for a long time. I have been asked by a close friend that is a Mopar guy to help him out. Not being familiar with these engines, I have a few questions to ask you experts. The car is a 1970 Cuda. It weighs in at about 3800 lbs. Has a 4 speed transmission and a 3:54 rear gear. It has a 440 6 pack that has been stroked to 493 cid. Bore is 4.35, stroke is 4.150. Compression is 9.75 to 1. The heads are stock 906 heads with stock sized valves. He is, in my opinion severely under cammed. The cam is a Comp cams extreme energy with 477/480 lift, and 224/230 duration @.050. This engine currently makes way more torque than he can put to the ground and lays down way too early. I have suggested that he go with a solid roller tappet cam. To get more area under the curve and push the rpm band up to shift at 6200 to 6400. This will sacrifice some low end torque that is just going up in tire smoke anyways. So I would like to know what you guys think or recommend as far as Camshaft specs, Brand of Lifters and a roller rocker setup. As I said, I am a chevy guy so I don
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