Cheeky Ebay Buggers

What do you girls and guys make of this listing?

I won this item and paid for it via Paypal within minutes of the end of the Auction, now the seller tells me they diddn't want a paypal transaction (unknown to me) and want another $34 to post said item (price isn't the issue, but also seems a tad high)

Assuming that both the seller and I may both incorrect, I've replied with;

I tell you what, as your listing advertised FREE postage, and computed the transaction as that, payment by me had also been instant in good faith that this was the final sale price, i'll meet you half way at $17 to keep everyone happy, does this sound like a fair compromise?

- Kni48

Seller has now gone cold on me AFTER being paid for the item..

what do you think?
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