Charger IRS in a 69 Dart!!…

Hey ya all...I was was working on a 08 Charger today cuz I work at a body shop...the pass. side quarter was hit and broke the upper control arm...while working on this Charger, I couldn't help notice the simplicity yet complex rear suspension set-up this car I crawled under to get a better look at how it's built...everything seems to be a complete is a four link coil suspension...aluminum diff cover and rear disk brakes with a built in sway bar...the whole unit is complete...I believe the bolt pattern is the same but if not the hub can be re-drilled...the whole assembly is bolted to the uni-body by 4 bolts!...I am seriously thinking of this as a future mod to give my Dart a 4 wheel independent suspension with 4 disk brakes...I would also need to grab the driveshaft too.

So what is your input on such a mod...still doing research on gearing and such...maybe the Hemi has posi but not sure as the HO 3.5L is plentiful in the yards but will still need to check that info for the track width, they both look to be compatible.

I will be back with more detailed info when I find it...but as for doing the actual me it looks like it would be very simple with very little complexity involved:read2:
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