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Tux has arrived

I just brought home this great original Imperial.
Needs some sorting out, as in Autotemp II, Tires aged out, power vent window, some good cleaning of paint and a musty interior.
Just getting into it’s needs.

Bought this 1974 Imperial LeBaron 4dr today

I bought this today from the 2nd owner’s estate who was a Chrysler employee who bought it off the exec…

73 Imperial “McGoldy” to join the Minnesota herd.

The title and set of keys beat the Imperial home to the Midwest. But, hopefully in the very near future I will get the call from transport that she is getting loaded. Hope to have some loading shots by seller when that time arrives.
I’ll add new photos…

A 63 Ghia Limo that’s really at 62?

I present to you, a 63 Ghia Limo with a 62 driveline. In 63 park was introduced as well as getting rid of platform brakes. You can see the dash is 62. My guess is that it was the first sent over way in advance to figure out how to build the 63’s. There…

1965 convertible die cast

I picked these up at an estate sale yesterday. 67 cars in 2 display cases with a few Mopar gems including 2 of the same Imps complete with golf clubs and long rams under the hood.

imp fuel tank lock rings

i haven’t removed tank yet are there 2 rings used one for sender an 1 for pump? i get different part numbers and would like to have what i need on hand tks