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Fuel line routing through front fender well

For the last couple days, I have been agonizing over how to run the fuel line in my Duster. Every method I have come up with has some major flaw whether it’s too close to something it shouldn’t be, is diffricult to execute cleanly or may open a differe…

572 HEMI Cross Ram w/2 -770 Holleys – open to suggestions for intake change

Im 70 yrs young and confess I dont have any experience w/this set-up. Previous owner installed the x-ram I’m thinking for looks. I don’t like the way it runs. Puddling and having to run it strong to avoid fouling plugs. Is this common with this intake …

Intake manifold blockade?

Recently got my hands on a 273 4 barrel intake. I am in the process of cleaning I have noticed that 2 of the ports are blocked. See pictures. Question: is this intentional or just need cleaned out?

’71 Road Runner Air Grabber Plumbing Routing and Wiring

Hello All,

I am new to the site but have been a Road Runner owner and enthusiast (Gens 1&2) for 40+ years. I recently purchased a ’71 bird with an air grabber system. The system is functional, but a former owner installed it to operate when the ig…

Fuel pump for 68 dart with 360

My dart has a 360 from the early 70’s in it. I smelled gas this morning and noticed fuel on the top of the fuel pump diaphragm housing area.
Would the carter m6866 be the right pump for this? It looks the same and rock auto also lists that as being th…

1971 road runner Carburetor & Distributor Woes – Please Advise!

Hello Mopar Tribe:

I just reached out to Dan Woodruff, a sponsor of our club for some carburetor advice. My big question to you is that it is better to rebuild or replace? My car is #s matching engine/trans but not the carb and no idea about distribut…

storing a carb currently in use

I have an Edelbrock AVS2 carb that has been in use on an engine for several months. I want to try out a different carb. How can I store this near new carb so that it will be ready to use in a year?