Category: Early C Bodies – The Slab Side Years

Do I have a Polara trunk

I bought this car October – Nov 2021 and just started messing with it. Looking at the rear of the car I noticed there is just too much going on. The Trunk says Dodge. Just below it says Monaco. After looking at some stock photos on line Dodge Monacos…

383 Rough Idle Stops WITH Vacuum Leak. Huh?

My 67 Polara 383 w AC (not working) has what appears to be a vacuum leak and consequently its idling, accelerating (bogging) and driving rough. In checking all the vacuum hoses, and spraying brake cleaner around the carb and intake manifold, I find tha…

Fury In need of saving

1968 Plymouth Fury · Sport

If the ad is up the car is still for sale! No longer responding to "is the car still available"? 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury. I have the tit…

65-66 Fury Fender Skirts, Two Different Styles?

I picked up a set of fender skirts for my 65 SF and found the mounting holes/pins don’t match my car, even though they appear to match the counter of the opening and shape of the body. After looking at them and some more pictures online it appears ther…

Fixing rust

Hi does anyone know where I can find replacement sub frame parts or a good sub frame for my 1966 Newport and the rear leaf spring mounts

Fuel sending ground

Does anyone know anything I can ground it to instead of sending unit to fuel line and instead of using an original ground strap

1968 Plymouth fury iii

I’m looking for windshield seal I have a 1968 Plymouth fury iii 4dr sedan I can not find a seal nowhere any help would be appreciated