Category: Cuda – Challenger parts WANTED

Holley Carb 4369


I’m chasing a 4369 for my ’70 383 Challenger R/T SE. Seems like they are almost impossible to find.

Any chance that someone has one laying about that they want to part with? I’ve got a 10 Sept ’69 build date, so making the rare even harder to fin…

WTB: Metal Cuda Shaker Hood

Looking for a metal cuda shaker hood. Prefer a reproduction but will consider an original in good shape. Let me know what you have.

Pm me here or email


1970 340 AAR /TA six pack/bbl Center carburetor needed

Looking for a Center carburetor 4791 or 4792 for a 1970 mopar 340 six barrel or six pack set up. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks E bodies for the ad.

70 cuda left front side marker lamp housing

Hello everyone looking for a 70 cuda left front marker lamp housing thanks

E body a/c heater box assembly

Looking for an ac box assembly for my cuda. Thanks

72 Barracuda Seat Covers

I know this is a long shot. Looking for a set of black Legendary seat covers for a ’72 Barracuda. Both front and rear, but will take just front if that’s all that’s out there. Will consider a set of recovered seats if someone has a nice set of take-…

14 x 5.5 or wider rims, will pick up from you anywhere in SW Ontario (Canada)

Looking to buy 14" steel wheels. 4 of them.

I have a few 15" wheels available for trade if you’d be interested in that.

If you’re selling 14" x 5.5" (or wider) steel rims, let me know. If you’re in SW Ontario (from Windsor to To…