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Anybody have this issue with brake lines?

I purchased a complete Front to Rear brake line kit and for the most part had no issues with the Front to Rear line or the Front left to right line. It’s when it came time to install the lines from the master cylinder to the combination valve that thin…

factory manual 4 wheel drums on a Challenger

I haven’t driven a car with manual drums for over 20 years and I’m wondering if they really suck as bad as what I remember. Are they livable for cruising around if fully rebuilt if the car is never driven in more than light traffic? My brother and I …

Manual disc brakes on a Challenger

I’m curious on others opinions of manual discs on a Challenger. I’m mostly curious about pedal effort without a booster, but if livable, the conversion would be a little simpler and less money with no booster. The car is currently 4-wheel manual drums.

Auto City Classic disc brake kits

I’m wondering if anyone on here has any experience with brakes from this supplier. They have complete kits on e-bay for about 600 shipped which doesn’t sound that bad for all new parts if the quality is there. The kit would be used on a 70 Challenger…

Brake Surprise – Missing a Few Parts

I’m trying to get the brakes working on my 1970 Challenger project.
So far I’ve replaced the master cylinder, all the rubber lines, and a few hard lines.
I had pulled the rear drums and the brakes looked decent.
I didn’t pull the fronts because I mist…

Brake Sources

Retoring a 70 Callenger RT/SE.

Looking for brake part sources. Rears are 10 X 2.5. Front is factory disks. Lookimg for rotors, drums, shoes, pads, and hardware.

Brake pedal spring retainer help

Does anyone make the retainer that holds the spring behind the bracket on the parking brake pedal assembly as show in pic. Thanks