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What manufacturer of paint

Good day, I’m about to paint my 71 cuda but I’m contemplating what manufacturer of paint do I use? Thought I’d ask the group what their experiences are, so any ideas. I appreciate any thoughts on this.

Its going hemi orange…

1970 Cuda Belt moulding

My 70 Cuda doesn’t have the belt mouldings (trims along the top of the doors and 1/4 panels next to the windows) and it has no holes or filled in holes so I am sure it must have been built that way. These mouldings were part of the basic Cuda package b…

72 bumper brackets for a 73?

Will the earlier bumper brackets bolt up to the 73-74 bumpers? Will they pull the bumpers a bit closer to the body like the earlier ones did?

70 Challenger Trunk Pan Help

I’m already working on the floor pans. Talk about a learning experience! I inherited this car, er project, and the previous owner had already cut out a portion of the trunk pans. He was working along the back using an air chisel, etc. He also had…


Hello, I bought an Eastwood Rotisserie before I checked to see If they sold mounting brackets for any Mopars. Does anyone know who would sell or make brackets for this brand? I bought a set of front Auto Twirler mounts, but they dont fit the Eastwood r…

1970 cuda center roof brace

Looking for waldo,,,, anyone have a used one laying around?

Has anyone removed or installed the rear SIDE windows? (Challenger)

I did an extensive search on this forum for rear side windows Remove & Re-fit for Challenger but could not find anything but this one is a great thread for side windows on Cuda – they woudl be pretty much the same: